Lee Yuan Ching is a Taiwanese artist working in watercolour and ink.

Lee started at a very young age by practicing calligraphy with his father and grew up studying the traditional Chinese painting techniques. Since his early 20’s his work in both calligraphy and painting has been shown extensively across Asia and has won a number of awards in Taiwan.

Over the development of his career Lee began establishing his own contemporary approach to his traditional ink painting foundation. Lee’s recent practice is the continual evolution of that approach; creating highly skilled, traditionally influenced yet uniquely modern pieces.

Extending beyond canvas and rice paper is a remarkable collection of collaborative works in ceramics currently showing in select galleries in Taiwan and China.

Beyond this body of work Lee has realised that his artistic expression can act as a vehicle to pursue his own experiments into the ‘true self’. Influenced by natural surroundings, Lee now strives to understand, through his work, the deepest emotional nature of humanity, and reflect that beauty through his progressive craft.

Notable awards for early works:

1981 - National Young Art Exhibition: 1st place in Chinese Painting

1981 - 9th edition of Taipei City Art Exhibition: 1st place in Chinese Painting

1981 - The 70th Taiwan Funding Anniversary Art Exhibition: 2nd place in Chinese Painting &                1st place in Calligraphy

1982 - National Taiwan Normal University Graduation Award: 1st place in Chinese Painting &             1st Place in Calligraphy

1983 - 10th edition of National Art Exhibition Taiwan: 3rd place in Chinese Painting

1986 - Ministry of Education of Taiwan Arts Award: 2nd place in Chinese Painting

Notable Collectors:

2007 - Hu Jintao – Former Vice-President & President of China